Teaching Your Kid To Be A Life-Long Learner

3 Things To Look For In A Christian Preschool

If you have a young child who is nearly old enough to attend preschool, you may be starting to consider what aspects of their education are most important to you. For example, in addition to more practical concerns such as location and tuition, you may also prioritize the religious values and philosophy espoused by a school. If you are considering enrolling your child in a Christian preschool in your area, then there are several things you will want to keep in mind as you search. Read More 

3 Summer Programs That Keep Middle Schoolers’ Brains Active

If you have a child in middle school, then you may struggle to find ways to keep their brain active during the summer breaks from school. One great way to keep your middle school children entertained during the summer while also stimulating their brains is to enroll them in middle school summer programs.  Read on to learn about three popular summer programs that can help keep middle schoolers' brains active during the summer months. Read More 

Study Abroad Programs: How They Benefit Your Ambitious Teen

You want your teenager to succeed in their studies, which means when study abroad programs come up in your area, you should take advantage of them. For your teen, this type of educational opportunity can mean a great experience that goes way beyond travel. For you, study abroad programs bring you the peace of mind of knowing you're doing everything you can to give your child a great life. When you pick the right study abroad high school for your ambitious teen, you'll know that all their needs are being met, their educational demands are being exceeded, and that your child is being challenged in the ways they need to keep them fulfilled and interested. Read More 

How To Help Your Child Transition To Private School

Private schools offer unique educational and social benefits that children can't get from other schools. Even though switching schools may be better for your child in the long run, it can still cause short-term emotional upheaval. Taking an active role in the transition process can help your child acclimate to their new school more quickly. Here are four tips that will allow you to help your child transition seamlessly to their new private school: Read More 

Is Your Child Struggling Academically Because Of Their Social Group? A Small Boarding School May Be The Answer

If your child has had a hard time making friends at their public school, and the friends that they do have aren't focused academically or kind, it may be time to explore other education options. A small boarding school should be a consideration. There are a lot of different features of a small boarding school that may benefit your child academically, socially, and with extracurricular activities. Here are some of the things to consider when you are debating if the money and commute is worth the investment for a boarding school: Read More 

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Teaching Your Kid To Be A Life-Long Learner

When my child started school, I could tell that she was naturally adverse to working hard in class. She didn't seem interested, and she was always asking how long she would have to be in school before she could quit. I realized that I needed to do my part to teach her to love learning, so I talked with her about the importance of attending school and working hard. It was hard for her to understand the issues with dropping out at first, but eventually she grew to love her studies. This blog is all about teaching your child to be a life-long learner.